In 2012 a game that captured my interest was released unsuspectingly on the gaming world. It arrived with very little hype and the marketing behind it was not the same as AAA titles. In short the game landed without fanfare and hype.

That game was EA's "Kingdoms of Amular", a brand new IP that drew inspiration from classic MMO game World of Warcraft and powered by the writing of famed Dungeons and Dragons novelist R.A Salvatore.

KOAR brought all the tropes of a top class MMO to the single player domain of western RPG sensibilities. It drew me in on its interesting visuals and kept me playing because of its amazingly fluid combat system and engrossing world lore. This was uncharted territory and this game was crafting its universe with this one game.

When I did more research I realized that the developer had grand plans for this IP including a full MMO to be released after the successful debut of KOAR

The sad story of the " Amular" IP is an entire article in itself so I wont dive into that rabbit hole but rather want to show you why it was a great game that just never got the chance to show the world how amazing it was.

Check out my introduction game play of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and leave a comment if you want to continue this discussion.

The game is available on the Xbox store as a backward compatible game (Xbox 360) and is VERY MUCH worth picking up and playing!