I have to admit. I have never been a fan of the Vision. My first introduction to the character came when I started playing the Marvel Superheroes RPG in the 80's and one of my friends wanted to play him in our game. Not knowing who he was or capable of really through a monkey wrench into my game when my player began exploiting all the weaknesses in my encounters using comic book references as a precedent. To say the least I was frustrated and a little curious as to who this "all powerful" Avenger was. A few months later and I caught myself up by diving into the comics and getting to know good ol Vision.

The Vision first appeared in Avengers #57 In 1968 and was created by Roy Thomas,Stan Lee and John Buscema and underwent some back and fourth brainstorming as to how he was to be represented in the comics of the time. His visual design choices were more a by product of print limitations and a desire to not emulate other design choices already in use by other characters. The original choice of color was going to be white but again do to limitations on how comics were printed at the time that choice was vetoed. Ironically John Byrne payed homage to the original idea in his run on the Avengers during the mid 80's.

The Vision's origin is truly a tip of the hat to the classic horror movie Frankenstein as Vision is not just created from scratch by Ultron.

Ultron utilized the body of the Original Human Torch ( the one who fought with Captain America in World War 2 and if this is already confusing you hop in your Delorian and go back to the 80's when comic books were popular!) and brainwave patterns from deceased Avenger; Wonderman.

Throughout the years that Vision fought alongside the Avengers after turning on his creator; Ultron and during this time writers took turn humanizing vision and building layers of depth on to his synthezoid frame. The character may have started off as a foil to the Avengers and a simple tool for one of their arch villains to use against them but he eventually became a trusted and loved member of the team.

Many writers of the time referenced Star Trek's Spock character as a parallel to the Vision; A robotic personality slowly becoming more " human" through the interactions with his teammates.

My most fond memories oif the character come from the aforementioned run by John Byrne in the mid 80's called " Vision Quest", a story line that pretty much upended most fans of the character and changed him for years to come. I highly recommend tracking the books down if possible. Not only is John Byrne an excellent artist his writing is legendary in the industry.

With his introduction into the MCU the character is getting a chance to shine in the spotlight as a central character leading up to the movie :Avengers: Infinity War". While being portrayed in near perfection on the screen I have to say that Marvel failed to actually address his power set . He is instead shown using various powers upon his introduction in the movie "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and then further in "Captain America: Civil War". No mention of what he can actually do ( besides being worthy enough to lift Thor's hammer Mjolnir) is given and maybe this was a result of the screenwriters not wanting to commit to his power levels in the cinematic universe quite yet. Regardless Vision is quite a force to be reckoned with both in the comics and on the screen.

While not having played a game of Crisis Protocol with the Vision I can at least rest easy after seeing his stat card and the fact that Atomic Mass Games has captured his abilities very well. One of the things I like about Crisis Protocol character interpretations is that they walk a fine line between the cinematic iterations of the characters and the comic book versions. Aesthetically they have been drawing upon the movies for some designs while channeling the comic book roots with others. The Vision sculpt has just the right amount of Paul Bettany mixed with the comic book version I remember fondly.

I would love to have some insight on how he plays on the table as the point to these articles is not to delve into the meta of the game nor to talk about game strategies. I am merely sharing some of my comic book know;ledge and lore with gamer's who may or may not have a history of reading them and ( shudder) only draw their history from the movies.

Below is a gallery of my painted version of Vision. Enjoy!

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