Age of Sigmar "Warcry" Reveal

Warhammer has always been a tempting siren for me. I started playing it back in 1994 with Warhammer Quest and quickly jumped into the Sci Fi Universe of Warhammer 40k. I never did play Warhammer Fantasy but looked at it from a distance over the years. I continued my love affair with Game Workshop right up to 2003 and retired from the mini war gaming hobby for the next decade after that up until 2013

When I did jump back in I didn't default to Warhammer like I had been doing all the years prior but always had a spot for it on my shelf waiting for the day when I thought I would take the plunge. Last years " Warhammer 40K Kill Team" was going to be that game but I could never muster the excitement to get going with it. It could have been mostly due to the fact that I had another Sci Fi miniature game that filled the void that I had for many years, Star Wars Legion.

With the release of this teaser trailer for an upcoming product called " Age of Sigmar: Warcy" I think I may have the game to pull me into the world of Warhammer Fantasy that I never did in years/decades past.

Not a lot of details yet but my money is on it being a small scale skirmish game ala' Kill Team with the Age of Sigmar miniature range.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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