Lets be honest here, making an Aliens video game in 2021 is a risky venture. Like the franchise that spawned them Aliens video game pedigree is a mixed bag to be sure. Ranging from downright awful ( I'm looking at you Colonial Marines) to flat out scary ( Alien Isolation) and everything in between the film is a literal creative gold mine for creating video games. Nailing that magic formula that we all saw played out on screen back in the mid eighties with the James Cameron hit has been an elusive beast and while a person would think you just need to have great graphics or a chilling musical score and the rest is gravy, I think the sales performance of some of the Aliens games would love to have a word with you.

Aliens Fireteam aims to do what I think should have been a first chapter in the book of " How to make an Aliens Video game correctly"; Desperation.

Fireteam looks to take you and 2 other buddies into a variety of missions across several campaigns of co operative survival mode gameplay. Using a 3rd person over the shoulder camera that channels Gears of War Horde mode and blends it with the James Cameron classic Aliens, Fireteam appears to capture the desperation of trying to survive an onslaught of Xenomorphs.

The game has as summer 2021 release window and is a cross gen release . Have a look at the trailer below and sound off in the comments section to let us know your thoughts.