The year of the competitive shooter is upon us! With games like Valorant, Overwatch 2, and Warface: Breakout the industry is taking another genre shift away from current trends like Battle Royale games. This happens every few years and I have have seen this taking place ever since Gears of War introduced their famous" Horde Mode" which spawned a never ending clone of " survival" game modes across many games. This is not a bad thing as trends like these inspire developers to innovate so they stand out in a crowd of similar products. The gamer's are the ones who benefit after all.

Rogue Company is the brainchild of Hi Rez Studios; the publishers behind hit games Smite, Paladins and to a lesser extent Realm Royale. They are no strangers to creating a polished competitive shooter and if the trailer for Rogue Company is any indication, we are in good hands.

Rogue Company is a Free to Play 3rd person shooter with a mix of Counterstrike, and Overwatch thrown in for good measure. A match made in heaven right? No firm release date has been given but we suspect that a open beta launch is VERY close!