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Are you ready to start SNAPPING?

I must admit. I am a very picky gamer and somewhat whimsical in fact.Some games happen to grab me right away while others I have to warm up to. I don't have any particular favorite genre ( although I do lean to FPS games) but in the end I consider myself a gamer of varied tastes.

When it comes to mobile games I am even more so because of the small screens and lack of a tactile interface mechanism re. Controller, I find them difficult to enjoy. I have seen many games that I wish I could get into but again...Controls.

When Marvel Snap was announced and revealed my ears perked up. Whats this? A digital card battling game that has amazing artwork with characters from my favorite comic books? SNAP I'm in!

The title of the game is a title bit of a misnomer as Marvel SNAP has very little in common with the actual card game that has been played the world round. The basics of the game involve players collecting cards and creating a 12 card deck to ace off against a random match made opponent ( no dedicated challenges between friends yet). The cards in the game are of a single type...a card.The simplicity in the game design is that there is only a single type of card in the game and while each card may function the same as another, they all have inherent perks or abilities that set them apart. These abilities allow cards to alter or manipulate the rules of the game to create unique results after they are revealed. Some cards give other cards bonuses while some cards can actually break game rules entirely ( Like a card that can " assassinate" a random opponent card in their hand!

Each car is incredibly simple in its design as well consisting of only two numbers on the card face. A cost to deploy it and a power level that dictates how strong the card is.

Each round of play provides an amount of " Power" that the players use to deploy cards to the table. The power does not carry over to subsequent rounds so there is no reason to horde this currency from round to round ( although there is a reason not use it if you are smart). Players alternate placing cards until they reach the final round of the match witch the developers of the game have capped at 6. This results in speedy games and a satisfying loop that can get very addicting versus long drawn out matches like other card games like this.

The game is filled with exciting effects and sounds not to mention the glorious card art that incorporates old and new styles of your favorite characters from all across the Marvel Universe. The FREE TO PLAY nature of the game is not evident as I have yet to spend a single penny and do need to unless I want to pad my deck with cosmetic art upgrades to existing cards I have already earned through playing the game.

As time goes on I can see this game having a more robust store t o spend in game and real world currency on but for now it is a welcome change from other Free to Play games on mobile.

While this review was not designed to be a " how to play" introduction to the game I encourage you to check our our YouTube channel ( and the video below) for game play content now and in the coming days .

I can wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone who is wanting to challenge their critical thinking skills as well as engage in an exciting new Card Battler that has the potential to be the best card game on the market.

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