Aristeia Battle Report

This battle report is the first game my daughter and I have played since we got the game last year. While I have been an avid supporter and an avid painter of my figures I just haven't fond a steady opponent to play with.

Enter Makaela. " Mak " is my daughter and my unofficial gaming partner . Her and I just love the character designs in Aristeia but are really still new to the game itself.

So strap in and enjoy this good ol' fashioned written battle report and get a glimpse at the inner workings of the game.

Makaela's Team< Orange>

Dwayne's Team <Blue>

OBJECTIVES • Being the only player with one or more Characters inside the Scoring Zone at the end of the Round (3 Victory Points).

• Having more Characters inside the Scoring Zone at the end of the Round than the opponent (2 Victory Points, but only if both players have at least one Character inside the Scoring Zone).

• Having the same number of Characters inside the Scoring Zone at the end of the Round as the opponent (1 Victory Point, but only if both players have at least one Character inside the Scoring Zone).

DEPLOYMENT :At the beginning of the Deployment Phase, the Underdog chooses one Deployment Zone to deploy in; their opponent will deploy in the opposite Zone.

These are the opposing Deployment Zones: • 1 and 42 and 53 and 6 You may deploy your Characters on any spaces inside or adjacent to your Deployment Zone. After choosing a Deployment Zone, the Underdog decides which player deploys a Character first. Afterwards, both players take turns, deploying one of their Characters at a time until all Characters are deployed.

SCORING ZONE For the first Round, the Central Zone is the Scoring Zone. At the start of each subsequent Round, before the Planning Phase, the Underdog chooses that Round’s Scoring Zone, but only if at least one player scored Victory Points in the previous Round. If neither player scored, the Scoring Zone remains fixed for one more Round. Only a Deployment Zone with no Characters inside it at the start of the Round can be chosen as a Scoring Zone. Should all Deployment Zones be occupied, the Underdog may choose any of them, and then place all Characters that are inside it on Free spaces adjacent to that Zone.

END-GAME CONDITIONS The game ends as soon as either player scores eight or more Victory Points or at the end of the fifth Round, whichever happens first. The winner is the player with the most Victory Points. In the case of a tie, the winner is the player who collected the most Frag tokens.


Makaela and I were just easing into the rules and managed to at least get our steps in place. Working through our Initiative tray I managed to tie her every step of the way. Having said that because she was in possession of the underdog token she went first each time.

When we landed on Gata of course things went a little differently because GATA ALWAYS GOES FIRST IN THE HEXADOME!

Here are some of the highlights from Round 1.

-Laxmee made a bold play by running the distance to the middle scoring zone on the first move of the game.

-Lunah followed up with a quick re position and a Called Shot that missed and backfired hurting her with 2 damage.

-Maximus and Valkyrie moved close to Laxmee in case anyone tried to muscle her out of the scoring zone.

- Hannibal didn't get any shooting done this round but he moved up to get a better view of the proceedings in case he needed to support next round with his orange dice Buff ability!

-Gata kicked it into gear and double ran up past Maximus ; Dazzling him in the process and finished her move planting her feet firmly in the scoring zone with a big grin on her face.

-Senior Massacre feeling a little under appreciated decided to move up on Laxmee and taunt the crap out of her....besides that his sword stayed in its scabbard.

-Hexxer finished the round off with a strong move into the scoring zone and just enough energy left to summon some nano machines from underneath Gata's feet and " VADE RETRO" her out of the scoring zone.

Makaela scored out with 2 points and I was now swallowing some humble pie. Make sure you keep tuning in this week as we post each round in this written battle report.

End of Round 1 Score

Makaela: 2

Dwayne: 0

Frags: 0