Battle Chasers: Nightwar starter guide

The one nice thing about running an editorial site is that you have the freedom to dive back into some great games without feeling the pressure of always having to throw out Triple AAA content or new release titles just to appease the masses or get web clicks. When I started the Game Nexus I wanted to create a space on the internet where I could bring gamer's along for a ride with me on my journey through my own gaming interests. Not just play games because they are new and popular.

One game that hooked me when it was released was Battle Chasers. It is a deep RPG with throwbacks to the 16 bit era of game play. Beautifully lavish graphics and a Saturday Morning esque anime presentation and you have in my opinion a MUST PLAY game of this console generation.

Below you will find a compilation as I walk through several hours of the initial play through of the game.