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Battlefield is BACK!

After a far too long tour of duty in the past, Battlefield is now setting its sights on the future...sort of. The long overdue and often teased/leaked trailer for Battlefield 6 ( now officially known as Battlefield 2042) has arrived today! Not only does it blast the bell off the hype meter it also gives us a very good glimpse into the type of hi jinks and #battlefieldmoments that we can expect to pull off when we get our hands on the game this year.

The one thing I am curious about is whether DICE will attempt to throw their hat into the Battle Royale ring like Call of Duty did when they launched Warzone. The massive tornado at the end of the trailer seems to imply that a storm will play heavily into the games maps at some point and what better way to simulate a BR storm than to have an ACTUAL storm close in on players. Comment below and give me your thoughts on what might be coming in Battlefield 2042 when we get it later this year.

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