Black Desert Online gets a release date

There was a time when MMO's dominated my gaming library almost to the exclusion of everything else. Then I became a Console player once again and I said goodbye to my love of MMO's. Mostly because the platform that was now my conduit to my video game hobby was pretty much devoid of any type of MMO games.

Being an Xbox player exclusively I have had some close calls to getting that feeling of playing in a shared world with thousands of other players but never really a killer title that could capture the feelings that World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, Star Wars Galaxies or any of the multitude games in the genre.

I have a feeling that is about to change.

Black Desert Online is a PC first MMO that has been live since 2016. The game is a Korean made MMO and gained industry recognition for it's amazing character creation tool set as well as it's action oriented fighting systems.

The games depth goes on from there and has had tremendous support from the developer ; Pearl Abyss .

I recently played in the public Beta for the game and was thrilled at what I saw despite the rough around the edges Beta version. I have been waiting for an official release date since then and finally received confirmation today.

Black Desert Online is launching on Xbox One exclusively on March 4th!

The standard edition of the game will sell for $30 and not carry a subscription fee to play.

Have a look at the official pre-order trailer below.