Bothan Report: 500 PT. Legion battle report

This weeks Bothan Report is going to take you through a brief look at a 500 point battle between 2 community members at a local game store. This report is going to be a little light on details and give you more of an overview of the game with some key moments. We are experimenting with different formats to bring more of these reports to you and it looks like the best way to capture the moment to moment interactions and game play is to deliver it in hi res photo format with anecdotes and narrative.

Table Size: 3 feet X 3 feet

Theme: Desert/Tattooine

Mission: Intercept the Transmissions


Rebels: Han Solo

Imperials: General Veers

Operatives on Site: Boba Fett

Imperials : 489 points

Rebels: 499

After deployment both players started shuffling across the map trying to get the best vantage for the upcoming rounds.

Boba Fett used his Jet Pack to hit the nearby rooftop

As soon as the AT-RT could activate it tore off down a side street towards am unsuspecting patrol of Imperial Stormtroopers.

Veers hides behind an outcropping while the Rebel Commandos lock down their position

Han wasted no time in rushing the objective with a squad of Rebel troopers.

Imperial Scouts ( Top Left) start their flanking manuever on the Rebel Strike team ( who is down to one sniper at this point in the game)

The AT-RT took some damage from the Stormtrooper unit but is still in the game!

The Rebels have two of the objectives on Lockdown but the third is contested by another unit of Stormtroopers

The AT-RT is barely holding together at this point!

Boba Fett finally comes down from his perch and delivers the killing blow to the Rebels AT-RT

Han Solo takes the fight to Boba Fett

A squad of Rebels makes a last ditch defense to hold the objective

The Imperial Stormtroopers " A-List" gets the drop on the commandos when they are distracted

This Battle Report is our first sample of a written format using hi res pics to show you what transpired. It is not a one to one recreation of the battle but rather a " highlight real". The battle was cut short due to time restraints as well so went unfinished.

Please feel free to add feedback in the comment section of this article on information that you would like to see us put into these reports or even suggestions to layout and structure.

This is going to b our preferred format for 2019 and look forward to bringing more of them to you in future Bothan Reports.

Stay tuned for more and thank you once again for your continuing support.