Bothan Report: Creating Scarif Bases for your Legion Units

One of the most exciting parts of painting miniatures for me is creating a compelling base for the miniatures that really puts the icing on the proverbial cake when it comes to presentation.

Since my Warhammer days I have always been fascinated by some of the creativity I saw with bases and while the default base back in the early 90's was simply static grass or green flock I always thought there was more you could do. Game Workshop was always my guiding inspiration when it came to this aspect of the hobby and still is to this day.

Star Wars Legion has given my creative mind a big jolt mainly because the worlds and planets featured in the movies are just begging to be integrated into the modeling aspect of the hobby.

I have mainly been focusing on creating game boards to fight our battles over ( so far I have a desert, forest and Kessel board made) and to accompany them I have been basing my models accordingly.

If you haven't seen my previous article " All about the Base" then click HERE and see what I have come up with so far.

This Episode of The Bothan Report is going to walk you through how to create " Scarif themed bases" for your Star Wars Legion units. I have decided to base my newly acquired Death Troopers, Krenic and Rebel Pathfinders in this way as a tribute to the movie Rogue One.

Step 1: Grab all of your bases and create a thin glue strip that will mark your division between land and water on your base. This isn't a requirement but it does give you a separation when painting and the glue hardens with a little bit of a raise to help the matter.

Step 2: After the strip has dried ( or at the same time) go ahead and paint the entire section that will be used as the shallow water portion of the base. This step is done to cover the grain texture of the default bases.

Step 3: Using Blue, White and a Dark blue you need to create a fading effect starting with light to dark and blending the colors. There is no real concrete way to do this just go with your eyes and have fun with the effect. The idea is to create a light blue almost an aqua green effect if you can to show that the water is not deep like an ocean but shallow like the beaches of Scarif ( Although I always wondered what lay beyond the atol in the depths of the ocean )

Step 4: We are getting close now. I used some modeling snow basing which is essentially salt...or laundry powder, I couldnt quite tell which. Anyway it is very fine and not rocky like some of the stuff out there. I wanted it to be subtle and fine to represent the sand versus the desert floor of a planet like Tatooine. Use your own materials but make sure it is very fine.

Drizzle it on the glue and shake off the excess. When it dries paint over it with a light khaki color of paint mixed with some white to give it an even lighter shade. Top it off with some more glue and lightly pinch on some more sand that wont get painted to give it a touch of " white sand beaches" look.

Step 5: Time to gloss varnish it up. Apply liberal amounts and make sure not to drip over the sides. keep it on top.

Step 6: Your Done!!! Rim the base with a khaki brown and your table ready.

I have included an optional step below if you want to add some flocked grass to the base to give it a transition from beack to the grassy areas on Scarif.

OPTIONAL STEP: Apply some more glue on the back edge of the base and then lightly flock it to create the border of the grassy area.

I created a simple little display diorama for my unit.

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