Bothan Report:Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion

One of the most exciting aspects of Rogue One was the introduction of a new villain to grace the screen alongside established characters like Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin. While not a major influence in the overall Galactic Civil war he nonetheless gave us a memorable amount of screen time thanks to the brilliant acting of Ben Mendelsohn. As far as Star Wars Legion goes I am doubly excited to get a commander on my table that isn't names , Darth Vader, Palpatine or Veers.

Krennic just looks bad ass and his white cloak and uniform is very striking for an Imperial Commander. Throw in some Death Troopers alongside him and you have a very intimidating new addition to your Imperial Army in Star Wars Legion.

Whats in the Box

- Krennic Legion miniature

- Game Tokens

- Order Token

-3 new command cards

-Double sided stat card for Director Orson Krennic

-Assorted game tokens

-3 gear cards

Stat Card

Krennic is a 90 point "Complete" unit in so much as you don't need to equip him with any of his weapons. Not only that but Entourage gives him an edge when you recruit the Deathtroopers into your army build. I think he will add a great visual appeal to your Imperial army with his color palette offering a striking contrast to the tabletop in most games ( Unless your playing on Hoth). As with most hero/villain characters he converts defensive and offensive surges and has enough health to take a few shots without slowing down. The only concern I have is his less than charismatic Morale score (2) that isn't going to do much to keep his troops from running away if the battle goes bad.

Compel: ( After another friendly unit at range 1-2 rallies, if it is suppressed but not panicked it may gain 1 suppression token to perform a free move action)

Cunning: When your commander-specific command cards are played, if there would be a tie for priority's treat your command card as though it had one fewer pips)

Sharpshooter 1: Reduce the defenders cover by 1

Command Cards

Krennic has some tricky way to manipulate his order tokens as well as the suppression his troopers sustain. Make sure you dig deep into this meta and try some clever new ways to make this work t o your advantage. If you plan on getting the Deathtrooper expansion I would recommend you use them as a bodyguard type unit and keep them close to Krennic.

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