One of the big parts I love about tabletop war gaming is the hobby aspect of it. It is a love hate relationship to be sure and I have a very hard time playing games with unpainted/un-modeled miniatures and game tables. Early in my foray into the tabletop war gaming culture I was okay with just gluing things together and plunking them down on my kitchen table. As time went on I found my imagination was needing more from the little plastic and metal soldiers than a simple glue job. This is where my journey down the rabbit hole began.

I was very luck I suppose that I found out I had an affinity for modeling and painting. I jumped into Warhammer 40k with both feet and never looked back. Nowadays I still have that fatal flaw of not being able to play with unpainted figures ( I will if I have to) but I am happy to say that my creativity has also grown with time. No longer am I simply sticking with the " safe " modeling job on my figures and some times I even venture off the beaten path and paint a " non box" version of figures.

Lately I have been working on trying to infuse more flavor into my tabletop presentation via scenic game tables ( If you haven't checked out my articles on building an Endor board you can find them HERE and HERE) and further to that even "Scenic unit bases" for various troop and hero types in Star Wars Legion.

Traditional Warhammer painting/basing was as easy as just flocking your base with green flock and rimming it with a color of choice. Current standards have improved greatly with painters going all in on the base of their figures putting as much work into them as the miniature itself.

Below you will see a gallery of showcasing some of my recent work. I hope this inspires you to try some new techniques with your own and maybe venture outside of your comfort zone.