Bothan Report: Jyn Erso Commander Expansion

Oh Jyn. She may not be a Princess , A Queen or a Jedi Prodigy but I can safely say I think she is my favorite female character that has come out of the Star Wars Universe ever.

Jyn has not technically appeared in any Star Wars lore ( comics or otherwise) since Rogue One arrived in theaters back in 2016 ( Unless you count her few episodes in the animated web series ; Forces of Destiny)

The fact that Rogue One takes place in the Galactic Civil War timelines plants it squarely in Fantasy Flight Games sights as far as rolling it into the game Star Wars Legion.

Let's take a look at Jyn and see what she will bring to the tale in your games of Legion.

Whats in the Box

Continuing its tradition this far of detailed and quality sculpts , Jyn is another home run. I was hoping she would have had more of a dynamic pose with blaster but I applaud FFG for incorporating her hand to hand prowess and having the sculpt wield her iconic hand weapon (Tonfa). As always you'll get some Suppression tokens and wound markers to add to your growing collection as well as her command cards and stat card.

Stat Card

As a commander Jyn is definatley not a very support driven leader. Her abilities lean towards giving her advantages however her commander cards ( at least 2 of them) is where he natural leadership is shown. Make sure you pay particular attention to her command cards as they will represent the few times her support tendencies come out.

Her ability to utilize suppression to her own advantage via DANGER SENSE is a great ability but relies on the player to juggle suppression with the benefits of the ability.

Quick Thinking: This is a must use ability. If you aren't planning on moving as part of your action it is a win win as you can shoot with an aim token and also get a dodge re roll ( 2 dice) if you get an attack returned at you. If you really need to go defensive just do a dodge action and Quick thinking and get 2 dodge tokens!

Danger Sense(4): This ability is Jyn's true ace in the hole! If things are really heating up she can dig deep and take some suppression in trade for defense re rolls. Combine this with her quick thinking in a round and she is going to be tough to hit!

Infiltrate: Pick a spot on the table and deploy. As long as your 3 away from an enemy unit its fair game. I love this ability especially if you need someone to capture an objective point on the FIRST round!

Nimble: Getting her dodge tokens back is like Jyn has permanent DODGE!

Sharpshooter (1): Even the best cover that the battlefield can offer gets reduced by 1 when Jyn takes aim.

Jyn Erso only has a slot for one of her pistol configurations however they are both FREE upgrade cards and they are also a DOUBLE SIDED card. This is a unique card in that you have access to two weapons with one card and can flip the card during your recover step!

Command Cards

Don't underestimate Jyn's Command Deck. Her support abilities are tied to the cards as she is really a ROGUE agent at heart ( see what I did there?). TRUST GOES BOTH WAYS and COMPLETE THE MISSION are both examples of this.

I am very excited to get this expansion in my hands and not only that but my daughter is a HUGE fan of this character and I think it will really entice her to play more games with me.

We don't have a firm release date yet but we do know it is set to arrive within the next month or so.

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May the force be with you!