Bothan Report: Legion Battle Report Operation Ferriah

Welcome to another Star Wars Legion Battle Report between myself and my daughter, Makaela. This game we decided we wanted to play a small scale skirmish style game mainly because Makaela is still not 100% on the game rules and the various units in the game and how they interact. Moving to a 300 point match is going to give both of us a chance to build up our understanding of the core rules and slowly build up from there.

I hope you enjoy!

The Story So Far...

"A Rebel transport leaving the Nurell System was ambushed by a Imperial blockade. While it managed to escape to hyperspace the transport was critically damaged. When it emerged above the planet Ferriah it was barely able to hold together. The captain jettisoned precious cargo and marked it with beacons so that a scout team could come back later and retrieve the cargo.

Leia Organna and Chewbacca arrived soon after with a small scout team to collect the cargo however they soon discovered that they were not alone..."

The Planet

The Rebel transport was shot down over a planet called "Ferriah", a lush forest planet with massive trees that reach for the sky as far as you can see and uncharted land beneath them. The Bothan Spies report that there may be an Imperial outpost somewhere on the planets surface.

Mission: Recover the Supplies

Setup: Place 1 unclaimed objective token on the center of the battlefield. Then, starting with the blue player, players alternate placing 4 more unclaimed objective tokens on the battlefield.

Each token must be placed beyond range 1 of each deployment zone and beyond range 1 of any other objective token.

All trooper units gain: “→CLAIM (Claim an objective token that is in base contact with your unit leader.)”.

Victory: At the end of the game, each player gains 1 victory token for each objective token that is claimed by 1 of their units.

-Makaela and I decided to place the objective tokens in a fair arrangement based on our modified map dimensions.

Army Lists Point limit: 30 Rebels: Makaela Imperials: Dwayne

For this 300 point match we are not using any gear or extra equipment for our units.


Being a skirmish size map and only 300 points means every move and action is vital!

Round 1

Makaela wins the Command card reveal and launches an orbital bombardment ( at the end of her turn) which fails to cause any damage with all 3 attacks!

Leia uses her turn to conduct a double move action that puts her safely behind a blast barrier.

The Speeders open fire on the AT-RT but fail to do significant damage due to its armor.

Chewbacca runs around to the front of the tree and captures the first supply package of the game netting him 1 Victory Point!

On their turn "Inferno Squad" makes a double move push to get to the supplies in the Imperial bunker.

On Mak's turn she fires with her AT-RT and misses the fast approaching Speeder Bike due to its agility at high speeds ( Cove 1).

The pilot had taken the time to adjust his targeting system t o get a better lock but ultimately the effort was wasted as even her Aim Re-Roll came up a miss.

The AT-RT is not severely damaged this far into the game so I'm sure it will play a bigger role in the rounds to come.

Boba Fett gets in on the action and sets his sights on Chewbacca

Chewbacca takes 2 wounds from the notorious Bounty Hunter's attack

On Mak's next turn she decides to turn her attention to the Speeders with her squad of Rebel Troopers being sure to aim before firing!

The Rebel units scores a hit on one of the speeders taking it out of commission permanently !

Round 2

To kick off round 2 Makaela drops Assault while I go in for a Bona Fett Flame Projector. While I get the drop on her I have to maximize Boba Fett to make it worth it

I decide to Double move to get Boba into the thick of things as opposed to having him hang back. It is a bold move and forfeits a round of attacking but hopefully will pay off in the next round or two.

Chewbacca fires from the safety of the trees and hits the remaining speeder for 1 wound. He then retreats to the safety of cover.

Inferno Squad does a double move to get to the supplies but wont be able to " Claim" the supplies until there next activation.

Makaela wisely chooses to pull Leia back to safety fearing that Boba Fett would give her a proper thrashing.

The remaining speeder zooms over the heads of the Rebels and blasts away at a unsuspecting Leia inflicting 1 wound

The Rebels dont hesitate to open fire on the speeder flying over them and inflict one wound thanks to an aim token!

Veers makes a mad dash from cover to get o the supplies but because he double moved to get to it he cant claim it this round!


After two rounds the action is starting to heat up and it could go in any direction. While my Imperials are poised to capture two more supply crates and win the game Makaela has units within range to take me out before that happens.

In the second part to this battle report we will wrap up the game and give you a post op briefing on "Operation Ferriah"

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