Bothan Report: Legion Battle Report Operation Ferriah PT.2

Our small scale skirmish battle report continues. If you haven't caught up on part 1 you can check it out


The small scale 300 point match is proving to be quite a hit with my young daughter as she is able to balance her attention span with a low amount of troops ( and subsequent amount of rules to remember). From a learning point of view we are both enjoying the micro tactical nature of the game.

Round 3

With round 3 heating up Mak wanted to go first so she played a 2 pip Leia command card while I needed full control over what unit I wanted to choose ( at a cost of not going first with a 4 pip card)

The Rebels see the Imperial Stormtroopers going for the supplies and decide to focus all their fire on them!

Makaela succeeds in eliminating 3 of the Stormtroopers who were attempting to capture the supplies.

While the Rebel Troopers are distracted by Inferno squad I decide to use Veer's actions to claim the cargo and then fire off a shot at the rebels while they aren't looking. Despite having Sharpshooter Veers doesn't land a hit!

Chewbacca unloads with his Bowcaster and eliminates the rest of the Stormtrooper " Inferno Squad" thereby stopping them from claiming the cargo and denying the Imperials a Victory Point.

On the Imperials turn the remaining Speeder Bike zooms over Leia's head and attacks the AT-RT unsuccessfully. It is then targeted by Leia with her expert SHARPSHOOTING skills. She hits it and depletes the rest of its wounds turning it into a flaming wreckage!

On the Imperials turn , Boba Fett turns his attention towards Chewbacca and decides to engage in a Melee attack using his BOOT SPIKES. The melee goes in Boba Fett's favor this round as Chewbacca comes up short on his defense dice roll suffering another 2 damage! " Never upset a Wookie"

As the round draws to a close The Rebel Support AT-RT scans Veers in the distance and decides to put some ARMOR between him and the unclaimed supply cache.

Things are really heating up in this small skirmish and Imperial forces are dropping like Womprats!

End of Round 3 Score : Rebels 1 Imperials 2

Round 4

Round 4 is now a very " Make or Break" round for Makaela and I. With almost all of my army defeated and only Veers and Boba Fett to accomplish my objective, Makaela has a strong leg up on me. I do however have Boba Fett.......Boba Fett!

I play his Whipcord Launcher command card to get the leg up on Mak and since I am ENGAGED with Chewbacca this will let me get out of melee and on to more pressing matters; like destroying the worthless Rebel scum!

Breaking away I only have my MOVE action available to me via the command card I played. I could tackle the objective but I have a plan to wipe out the remaining Rebel unit on Makaelas side...oh and Leia Organa as well.

As soon I land she turns her blaster towards me and opens fire dealing 1 damage. Looks like Fett's armor is holding ...for now.

I spoke too soon as the Rebel Troopers get to act immediately after Leia ( due to her command card ability) and proceed to unload on Boba Fett. He is engulfed in a storm of blaster fire ripping up the ground all around him...

...but again his armor holds strong and he walks through it like a boss!

General Veers seizes this opportunity to make a spring for the objective despite AT-RT blocking his path. He may be old but he can still run a battlefield!

Chewie strikes from the shadows of a giant tree and hits Veers with 2 damage! Check out that pile of tokens at Chewbacca's feet!

The last play of the round is from Makaela's AT-RT. Veers proves to be a hard target to hit but the ground around him gets torn up for good effect!

Round 4 turned out to be a real blast and with no changes to the score in the round it is very clear that the Imperials are on the verge of being decimated. It may be up to the Imperials " Hired Gun" to save the day.

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