Bothan Report: Legion Battle Report Operation Ferriah PT.3

Well it looks like our Operation Ferriah Battle Report series is coming to a close and things aren't looking to good for the Imperial forces sent down to retrieve the jettisoned cargo.

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Where we are: General Veers and Boba Fett are all that is left of the Imperial Landing party and while the Imperials have captured 2 pieces of Cargo the Rebels are making a strong push to make sure they do not lose the 3rd crate to the Imperials. Veers makes a desperate run across the battlefield to get to the cargo only to find an AT-RT standing in his way...

Mak plays AMBUSH and I play Z-6 Jetpack only because I want to gain access to Boba Fett but alas I am too close to use his Rocket!

An overview of the battle

Makaela kicks off round 5 by moving Chewie towards veers and the cargo. He wastes no time shooting veers with his Bowcaster scoring a wound on the already heavily damages Veers.

Boba Fett wastes no time in engaging the rebel soldiers using his ARSENAL ability to give him 4 attack dice ( pulled from his two weapons)

The Rebels didn't even see what hit them as I roll 4 hits ( two of which are critical s).

Mak's less than stellar defense roll results in a clean sweep for the squad.

Boba Fett sees Leia coming around the tree and decides to focus his attention on the AT-RT for the coming round. He kicks his jet pack into action and jets away.

Makaela's AT-RT decides to attack General Veers with its Grappling Claws and succeeds in trampling him to the ground under its massive feet.

Makaela moves Leia up with a standard move and then lets fire with her sporting blaster scoring 2 critical hits!

Round 6 kicks off and this time I take initiative. I'm gonna need it as Boba Fett is alone against the Rebels.

Boba fires at Leia and score 3 hits! Leia keeps up the tradition of rolling no blocks ( what is with our dice this game?!?!?!)

On Mak's turn Chewbacca lines Boba up in his Bowcaster crosshairs...

"Never upset a Wookie". Chewbacca hits Boba Fett hard with his 4 attack dice. Even with the bounty hunters IMPERVIOUS key word that lets him add another defense dice for each pierce rating his opponent has it still wasn't enough to cover the damage. Combined with his damage from his encounter with Leia , Boba Fett falls to the Wookie's might.

The rebels have secured a victory over the imperials by eliminating every soldier on the table even though the mission was to secure the objectives. Makaela was unable to take possession of all the crates so the next best strategy was to wipe out the Imperial forces standing in her way.

Makaela holding up her commander of choice

Thanks for tuning into this 3 part battle report using my new format. I feel like the still pictures with added effects can convey a more exciting report versus the tried and true video report.

I will be tweaking the presentation as create more and try and include relevant information that readers can refer to as the game goes along.

The reason this was a multi part report was that Makaela and I played each round or two over several days and didn't complete the game in one sitting. In future I will roll these out in either single or two parts so as to keep the delay between episodes to a minimum.

Please sign up and leave comments on how we can improve these reports moving forward.

Thanks again and may the force be with you!