Welcome back to our ongoing series that walks you through the steps in creating an Endor table for your games of Star Wars Legion. In the LAST ARTICLE I started out by showing you to create an " Endor Tree" using some easily acquired materials and some ingenuity. This weeks article I am going to show you how to finish off the tree and how to create the base for it. In Part. 3 I will close off my tree tutorial by walking you through the steps of flocking and adding the finishing touches to your tree.

In future articles I will start in on the table itself.

Assembling your tools and parts

-Crayola Model Magic

-Guerilla Glue

-Brown Spray Paint

- Big Sloppy Paint Brush

-Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade wash

-Carboard box

Cut a base for your tree out of the cardboard. Make sure it is fairly wide as youll be adding debris and scenery to it and you also want it to stabilize your tall tree trunk. Remove a strop of clay and roll it out into a long " worm" that willl be used to form a border for your base. Glue the clay border to the cardboard.

Grab yourself a big sloppy brush that you don't care about and the Earthshade wash.

Start slopping on that wash liberely and make sure you get it in all the crevices and cracks you created when you textured the tree trunk

The wash is going to alter the color of the tree trunk to a darker brown and look wet. When it dries the wetness will dissipate ( obviously)

After your tree trunk is dry you can remove it from your base and prepare to paint the base with the same paint you used to spray the tree in last weeks article.

Your Done! The base is now ready to go and get decorated .

Next article we will tackle the job of decorating and texturing/flocking your base as well as adding flock to the tree so it is ready to hit your table.

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