Bothan Report:Making Endor Part 3

We are nearing the end of the first step in creating my Endor themed table for Star Wars Legion. The trees have always been my most feared aspect of creating the table but I can honestly say that I have overcome that fear and ready for the next challenge.

This Bothan Report will show you how to finish off your trees and get them table ready.

Assembling your tools and parts

-Finished Tree trunk

-White school glue

-Guerrilla Glue

-Grass Flock

-Foliage ( moss flock)

-prepared tree trunk base

-"glue brush"

-Twigs and wood foliage

-paper bag to collect the mess

-Mixing container for the white glue

This is going to be a somewhat messy affair so make sure you have a clear work space and work tidy. laying down your paper bag underneath the tree and base is a important step when you get to the flocking stage.

Glue your tree trunk to the base and arrange your broken branches and basing timber how you want it. Remember that you may have minis wanting to take up position on the actual base itself so provide some room to fit them and maybe some covering scatter terrain. Glue this down with your super glue and let dry.

Use your mixing container and create a blend of water and white glue. No need to get precise just add enough water so that the glue mix can be applied with your sacrificial brush. Coat the base of the tree trunk and get all the cracks around the scatter timber as well as the edges of the base so the flock has good coverage when you apply it.

I use two types of flock. The first is the grass flock commonly found in most game shops that sell Warhammer and other mini games. The second type is what I am using for the moss on the tree trunk and is not as common at the gaming shops. You may have to hit up a Michael's store or a dedicated hobby shop .

Use the grass flock to cover the ground of your base and then use the moss flock to patch omto specific areas of the tree ytrunk and ground where you feel it would look best. You cant really go wrong here just focus on creating a natural growth look.

Above you will see some reference pictures I took from a park near my house. I swear it could have doubled for Endor!

Touch up some of the areas where you didn't get paint or clay coverage from the beginning steps.

Your Endor tree is now finished! Feel free to experiement with different shapes and sizes of trees to add to your table. I have a horizontal tree trunk ready to go as well as some in the pics below. Use the techniques in these articles and you should do just fine.

Thanks for tuning into the " Building Endor" articles and get ready for the next step where we dive into creating the board itself!