Bothan Report: Making Endor Part 4

As my Endor demo table project is coming to a close I thought I would top it off with a small stream that crosses over the table and gives players some pause due to Hindering Terrain. I haven't played with this type of terrain yet so I thought I would dive in and make some.

The trick when making a " Stream" versus a " River" is all about the perceived depth. My stream is going to be a little rough around the edges and filled with gravel on the bank with debris on or around the terrain piece.

The water consistency is also a bit darker on my terrain due to the fact that I wanted to reflect the dirty nature of the surrounding terrain.

STEP 1: Frame up the style if stream you want to make and cut out a cardboard template to match. In my case I am running it edge to edge of my small demo table.

STEP 2: I sure do love my modelling clay. Using some air dry modeling clay ( Crayola sells them in small bags that should be more than enough for this project and sell for approx. $6.99 CDN)

Create the banks of your stream with the clay and make sure you mold it so that the edges slope down to the table.

STEP 3: I then hit the pieces up with some brown spray.

STEP 4: Using some standard white glue/water mix ( I always water down my glue so I can brush it one soother) I brush the stream banks with a liberal amount of the mix and proceed to flock the banks with green grass and some sand where the water will blend to the bank.

STEP 5: Using a dark blue paint I then create the stream itself by going right down the center of the cardboard template.

STEP 6: At this point I take the liberty to add some static terrain features to the sides of the stream. In this case I glued down some small logs.

STEP 7: While not shown here I DID add a liberal coat of gloss varnish to the stream/water itself and let dry to give it a glossy look when dry.

VOILA! My Endor Demo Table is now complete ( actually I am going to be buying a shield bunker terrain piece to place at one end to really give it a finished touch). I hope you liked this series of articles and I also hope that they help you in your own Star Wars Legion hobby.

Below you will find the links to the previous articles listed 1 to 3

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While not a step by step tutorial I am including a gallery of my " laying down tree" . I created it using the similar techniques as the standard trees < above links>.

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