Bothan Report: Making Kessel

Ever since I saw Solo: A Star Wars Story, I knew I had to capture some of the magic from that film into my games of Legion. Now I may have a long way to go before I see a alternate sculpt of Han Solo in his younger years I can at least capture the Kessel scene in my games of Star Wars Legion.

Below you will see how I created my 3x3 board and hopefully this will give you some inspiration of your own to start building tables to play your games on!

Here are some reference screenshots of Kessel. Most of them come from the movie and the video game Battlefront 2.

I am pretty much building with a 3x3 sheet of MDF. I like the smaller maps now and if you feel the need to go to a larger table you can always insert another section to your table.

I was fortunate to have a son who had outgrown his Playmobil playsets so I quickly scooped them up and started molding over them with Air Dry clay from Crayola.

I would recommend 3 large set pieces/slime pits for a 3x3 table.It provides a decent amount of major terrain and room to place scatter terrain later.

I cant overstate enough how awesome air dry clay is. It is fairly cheap and lets you create all sorts of stuff. In this case I flattened some out to create the mud road leading into the mine itself. I ran a toy truck with rubber treads over the clay before it hardened to give it the appearance that a tractor or some sort of tread vehicle had driven through the mud

Here is the set peices with all the molding on them. I have sprayed the entire table after it has been spread with sand and small rocks, The sand and rocks are adhered with regular white glue ( spread glue then sprinkle the entire board with sand and rock mixture). I used an off colored green/yellow spray but I intend to go back over the board in sections with a brighter yellowish green spray later.

A quick stop at Michaels to pick up some "fake water in a bottle" is all you need to make the sludge pits. Make sure you paint the bottom layer of clay green as the simulated water dries a little transparent. I sprinkled some tiny foam balls into the mix to act as my foaming effect.

My next batch of materials.Some plastic "looming" and a couple MISC. plumbing parts along with some paint and white glue.

The plumbing parts get a nice coat of light blue spray

After the plumbing parts are dry I hit them up with some dark wash to create a rust effect and of course nothing in Star Wars looks shiny new so it fits the aesthetic of the game. Use the modeling clay as a base for the scenery and spray them at the bottom with the same color as your board. Don't worry about the over spray again for the reasons above.

Time to put that looming to use creating the various pumping hoses that run over the surface of Kessel. fasten them down to the board with your clay and hit them up with some " Board Color Spray"

Everything is starting to come together now

Some scenic pics of the board with actual miniatures and you can tell how the board will play out. It isn't meant to be a one to one recreation of the actual landing pad in the movie but if you had a space Millennium Falcon lying around you could plop it down at one end and voila!

Showing off my new board at a local game shop

Thanks for checking out my latest project. If you want to see how I do some other themed boards keep checking back to our website and sign up to get notified of more articles like this one! If you have any ideas of your own leave a comment below.