Bothan Report: Operation Kessel Extraction Part 1

Welcome back to another Bothan Report. This will be another multi part series detailing the events of a team of Rebels freeing some Wookie slaves from the Spice Mines of Kessel while the Imperials have arrived to stop them from getting away.

No mission objectives were selected this match. It was a straight up elimination game with the winner at the end of round 7 being the player who has the most points in Units left on the table. I am playing the Rebels and my friend Kyle is playing the Imperials.

Lets have a look at the forces.



"Operation Kessel Extraction"

A small group of Wookie warriors have been imprisoned on the mining planet of Kessel and the Rebels have organized a strike team to go in and extract them to safety on a nearby orbiting capital ship. As the strike team is leaving the mine they realize Imperial forces have arrived to stop the extraction. Not only that but the Emperor himself is leading the Imperials and has made a rare appearance on the battlefield itself!

The Planet Kessel is an inhospitable mining planet that is slowly being sucked dry from within its very core by self serving gangsters! Noxious fumes fill the air outside the mine itself and sludge pits; a by product of the intense mining operations dot the landscape.

Round 1: The Rebels get first activation

The Rebel AT-RT unit strides forward and scans the area picking up some unfriendly visitors blocking their escape path.

Kyle moves his Stormtrooper unit behind cover and quickly opens fire on the AT-RT. Thanks to the DLT-19 he gets a good amount of dice on the table and scores a critical punching through the AT-RT's armor.

I decide to get a little sneaky and move my Strike team up the edge of the battlefield but it draws the fire of Kyle's Snowtroopers!

Chewie decides to run up and get in position to fire his Bowcaster next round.

Kyle takes a moment to gloat and cackle. This was supposed to be a friendly casual game but he has obviously succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force!

Getting cocky with Chewie costs him 4 wounds from a very lucky barrage from Kyle's Royal Guard and their hold out blasters.

The first round is all about positioning and the Wookie slaves rush forward determined to be free of the Kessel Slavers!

Menacingly the Emperor walks forward and takes up position behind his guard.

The rest of my Rebels all move up and take up positions.

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