Bothan Report: Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion

I for one am very excited to see " Pre- A New Hope" content making its way into Star Wars Legion. The movies and cartoons that have been fleshing out the various stories that took place before the original movies are prime grounds for new gaming content. This week we will be getting Jyn Erso and her Pathfinders that undertook the ill fated mission to steal the Death Star plans from Scarif in Rogue one.

The Bothan Spies have pulled together all the info you are going to need in one spot and also provide some tips on how to use them in your games.

Whats in the Box

-4 standard Pathfinders

-2 Named Pathfinders ( can be added to unit at extra cost)

-Game Tokens

-Stat Card

-Unit Upgrade cards ( mentioned named Pathfinder characters)

I like how FFG is making use of the upgrade slots to tweak units with characters versus simply creating whole new stat cards for them. It is a novel idea of upgrading a unit without adding a lot of complexity figuring out how to integrate them in the units when the figures hit the table.

TIP: With the newly released specialist expansion you can even customize your units further by adding in unique characters via upgrade slots.

Stat Card

Its best to look at the Pathfinders by how many points they cost over a standard group of Rebel Troopers and see if they add value to your army. In this case they are 28 Points more than a standard squad of Rebel troopers. Right off the bat they are more hardened than a rank and file squad having an extra Morale Point that may make a big difference when the laser bolts start flying.

Additionally they possess a defense and offensive surge conversion ( The Troopers only have a defensive conversion). Six upgrade slots give you some real customization options as well.

Danger Sense 3 : If you are willing to take hits and get suppressed then this is a great defensive ability. Remember that once you are suppressed you lose an action but more importantly you need to make sure you don't hit 4 suppression tokens and risk fleeing the battle. These guys may be hardened but they are not crazy.

Dauntless: So the trick with these guys is to rack up 2 suppression tokens that support your defensive needs and then if need be add a final 3rd token to get your ass our of trouble and into some blocking line of site.

TIP: These guys are just gonna stand tall and get hammered with shots but can manipulate the suppression to fit the needs of the mission

Infiltrate: Nothing like being able to deploy anywhere on the board ( outside of 3 of an enemy unit ) and you don't even need to dress up like a Stormtrooper to pull it off!

This is where the strength of the Pathfinders starts to shine through. The A-300 multi blaster is just the thing you need for mid rage and long range engagements and another cool " flippable card" that makes its debut with this wave ( Jyn Erso has one as well)

Bistan and Pao are just too cool to leave out and it never hurts to have an ION trooper in the mix against the Imperial War Machine.

NOTE: Pao's Suppression reduction applies to OTHER units nearby not his own

I hope to have my unit expansion this week and with any luck I will do another painting tutorial with them ( I have one coming to the Bothan Report this week).

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Till next time; May the Force be with You!