Bothan Report: Royal Guard Painting Tutorial

Welcome back to the Bothan Report everyone. This episode is going to walk you through the steps needed to get a unit of Star Wars Legion Royal Guards ready for your table top.

Here we are a brand new box of Royal Guard. I dont know about you but I always get excited opening a new box of figures.

As per the norm, your box will have various tokens and the stat card as well as 4 new sculpts. I am not as fond of these sculpts as others in the Legion line due to the prevalence of mould lines and "janky" fitting with the arms.

I am using the new FFG Premium Bases for this unit. I feel that , at least in the movies the Guard have only ever been shown on a Death Star floor so it suits them. This article will show me using the normal bases throughout and that is because I am painting the Premium bases separate and mounting the guard at the end.

I may get some hate on this step but for these models I am using a "Satin Poppy Red" paint/primer from Home Depot. Not only does this eliminate the need to do multiple coats of red paint over a traditional white base coat but it also speeds up the process of painting and makes touch ups easier.

TIP: Don't over spray and never directly hit the figures with a blast of paint. Mist it on in layers.

Hot up all your newly based figures with a good dose of black ink ONLY ON THE ROBES.

After your Black Wash step you will want to let it dry and then revisit the robes with some RED paint to even out the messy wash results and just in general smooth out the residue from the wash and give the capes a even texture. This is where you will thank yourself for using a Red Primer.

Mix up a small amount of a Blue and Red blend to create a dark purple. This is the color that you will use to paint the Guard's arms and leggings. Leave the boots and gloves as well as the rest of the figure alone for now. At this point you can also gently drop a little Black Wash into the crevice of the visor versus trying to use real black paint. It ends up with the same result and easier to fill in the crack where the visor is.

Paint the Guard's gloves with a cold grey or any other grey you have in your repertoire. I have painted the staff black in preparation for a dry brush that I do at the end.

After your grey has dried you can then hit the gloves with a black wash to darken them up and fill in the cracks of the fabric.

You are nearing the end now. Give all your helmets and face masks a few layers of gloss varnish ( any paint on type from the different brands will work)This will make sure the helmets really pop when you get them on the table.

For the premium bases I just went with a black and grey theme. I flared up certain aspects of the base with a little red and orange to simulate the floors of the deck's of the Bespin Carbonite chamber room ( I always loved that red orange glowing effect on the floors and walls)

My paining style is far from perfect and I don't claim to have the best looking miniatures on the planet but I find that they look great at a Table Top distance and even hold up under scrutiny from time to time.

It is worth mentioning that i generally find Stormtroopers and any units with shiny armor and or a single color paint scheme to be very challenging as opposed to miniatures with natural clothing or textures.

I hope this tutorial helped you and feel free to leave comments below if you want to offer some tips and leave me feedback.

Till next time, May the Force Be With You!