Bothan Report: Star Wars Legion introduces Unsung heroes

Kicking off a new year with Star Wars Legion looks to be filled with some early goodies in the form of announcements and this is only the first month!

Dropping this week was the bombshell of the " Speeder and Tank" expansions for the Rebels and Imperial players, the previously announced Jyn Erso and Krenick commander expansions and of course two Specialist expansions for both factions.

Today we are going to dive into the Rebel Specialists and show you what you get in the box as well as some tips from our Bothan Spies on how best to use them in your games of Star Wars Legion.

WHAT's in the box

This is where the expansion really comes alive for me. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing iconic characters from the movie battle it out on my tabletop but having the ability to recruit " generic" characters into the game and infuse them with personality and make believe backstory outside of official canon really super charges my imagination. This is after all the reason I play tabletop games to begin with.

Here is what greets you when you tear the box open.

Stat Cards

The expansion revolves around 4 units that can all be plugged into existing units by way of their upgrade slots. Additionally the commander can either be used as your army's "generic" army commander or inserted into a unit of troopers as a squad leader with extra benefits. It would be a tragedy if you didn't give these awesome sculpts some personality and maybe even some RPG flavour!

The resolute commander is not going to wow you with his stats weighing at 4 Health and only 2 Courage but his subtle support abilities make him a great asset for a low point cost. REMEMBER it isn't always about your commander and this especially is true with this guy. His TAKE COVER ability is a must use if you are acting first in a particular round. Having a dodge token for free is nothing to shrug at. INSPIRE 1 is going to make sure you keep your suppression down when you start taking fire from the enemy.

While no Han Solo, he is a decent combatant on his own with both a defensive and offensive sure conversion. Throw a blaster with a Black and a White dice at range 2 and you have a great 50 point commander to lead your troops into combat!

The versatility of this specialist cannot be understated and really allows you the player to decide just how you are going to use it. I love the way that Fantasy Flight has created different ways to utilize this expansion.

The Rebel Comms technician is added to any unit by way of an upgrade card just like the officer and gives any existing unit some extra tactical options they may not have had otherwise in addition to some visual diversity for the squad.

Weighing in at 9 points you add the mini ( and what an awesome looking mini it is!) and then gain a comms upgrade slot for the unit.

This now opens up a few different tactical options for the previously vanilla unit.

Cards like Comms Relay and Comms Jammer give you an aggressive communication edge.

This makes your unit much more than just extra firepower but a serious monkey wrench ( or boon to yours) how orders are distributed each round.

I cant count the times when an attack on one of my standard troop units has widdled it''s combat effectiveness down because they cant withstand a mere hit from enemy blaster fire.

Welcome to your very own medical droid! This upgrade adds the medical droid to your unit for a mere 18 points and now lets you can RESTORE up to 2 units, keeping your unit in tip top shape or better yet it can deliver some much needed first aid treatment to another nearby unit at Range 1. I easily trade some army build points for some bullet sponging!

Lastly we have the expansions real unsung hero.The R-5 Astromech droid! Finally a way to keep my AT-RT alive and kicking as I can never seem to last more than a round with that thing.The only catch is that you need to allocate a squad as your " mechanic squad" and follow it around the map due to the droids 1 Range.

Command Cards

What would any expansion be without some new command cards to add to your tactical repertoire. Thankfully this expansion comes with some nice ones.

However you choose to use this new expansion I am confident that it will really ad some tactical depth to how you play your games and at the bare minimum give you some nice WAR STORIES to talk about about the UNSUNG HEROES of the Rebellion.

Thanks again for making the Bothan Report your home for Star Wars Legion and keep checking back for more top secret intel!