Bothan Report: The rogue and the darkness

I am beside myself with excitement over the next releases for Star Wars Legion. Now granted I still dont know when they will actually land in stores that hasn't stopped me from salivating over every last detail that I can get my hands on. I am of course talking about Jynn Erso and her Pathfinders for the Rebels and Krennic and the Death Troopers for Imperials.

Thanks to my fellow Bothan Spies , I have managed to get some updated intel on Jynn and Krennic that hasn't been made publicly available yet, specifically their card abilities. Strap in and lets take a look.

Director Orson Krennic

Wounds: 6 Courage: 2 Speed: 2

Defense: White Die Surge: Attack= Crit Defense= Block

Compel :After another friendly unit at range 1-2 rallies , if it is suppressed but not panicked it may gain 1 suppression token to perform a free move action.

Cunning: When your commander specific command cards are played, if there would be a bid for priority treat your card as though it one fewer pip.

Entourage: Death Troopers: When building an army ignore the rank of 1 Imperial Death Troopers unit.During the command phase you may issue an order to a friendly imperial Death Troopers unit at range 1-2

Sharpshooter 1 :While performing a ranged attack reduce the defenders cover by 1

Jyn Erso Commander Expansion

Quick Thinking :Gain 1 aim and 1 dodge token ( Action)

Danger Sense 4: You may choose NOT to remove your suppression tokens.While defending against a ranged attack roll 1 extra defense die for each suppression token you have, adding up to 4 extra dice.

Infiltrate: You may deploy beyond range 3 of all enemy units.

Nimble :After defensing if you spent 1 or more dodge tokens you gain 1 dodge token

Sharpshooter 1 :While performing a ranged attack reduce the defenders cover by 1

Weapon: Collapsible Tonfa


4 Black Attack Dice

Suppressive: After you perform an attack the defender that this weapon was used against gains 1 suppression token

We will of course give you a full breakdown when these two models launch in Q1 of this year! Stay tuned.

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