Bothan Report: Wookie Warrior Expansion

I am finally getting that feeling with Star Wars legion that I used to have with Warhammer 40k many years ago. That feeling of playing a game where the tactical options of the game started to broaden and the variety of units to choose from in your games were numerous enough as a hobhyist to keep me enthralled in the game. To be honest when Legion was launched I had my doubts as to the amount of content that FFG would actually be able to create before I became bored of the game and moved on to anouther hobby.

Luckily for me they didnt dissapoint and here we are a year later with a great many of models to tool around with in my games.

While we are still playing atround in the " Civil War" era or rather the Original Trilogy timeline, Fantasy Flight Games has been squeezing the well pretty effectively giving us units that are not just the most well known of the original movies.

The latest surprise came when they released the new Wookie Expansion. Technically the Wookies were around since the prequel trilogy but we never did see them in the original movies or even that timeline ( Chewbacca was the only wookie we ever saw).

When " Solo: A Star Wars Story" hit theatres we saw a slave group of wookies on Kessel...and guess what? That movie took place after the prequels and just before the Original Trilogy. This makes it fair game for FFG to plunk them into our current batch of Legion expansions!

Lets take a look shall we?

What you get in the box

The Wookie Warrior Expansion will come with 3 standard Wookies ( one which you will assign as your leader for the unit) and a Wookie with a Bowcaster that you will use your unit upgrade card to add making it a 4 Wookie Unit .

Total Cost of Wookie Unit w/Bowcaster: 110 points

Lets look at what these walking carpets can do when you finally get them on to your table. Remember these guys are very intimidating models so for maximum effect I recommend you wait until they are painted/modeled before using them. A little psychological warfare doesn't hurt .

Charge: The key here is in the wording. It clearly states that after you perform a move action. This can actually be your second move action ie. For fitting your normal attack. In essence you get a double move and after your second move you can then use the FREE attack action to strike! Remember that Melee is preferred for the Wookies as they give you a black attack dice versus the ranged white dice. Surges convert to Critical as well!

REMEMBER: Indomitable lets you roll red defense die during the r ally step and with a Courage of 2 you don't need to worry bout them taking Suppression tokens as much as your normal rebel soldiers.

Upgrade Cards

Well there you have it Legion fans, a awesome addition to your rebel forces and a sure fire way to strike some fear back into those imperial players. Make sure you keep checking back for more updates on Star Wars Legion and more Bothan Reports in 2019!