I am finally shaking the cobwebs out of my head and thought I should break down my latest Star Wars Legion modeling project; The X-34 rebel landspeeder. Have a look below and my steps and photos on my journey.

This amazing model is inspired by Luke Skywalker's SoroSuub X-34 that was featured in Star Wars a new hope. While Luke's was simply used to taxi around parts and equipment for Uncle Owen, the rebels had loftier plans when they got a hold of these versitile speeders.

Capapble of hovering up to a metyer off the ground and outfitted with three air cooled thrust turbines the X-34 was well suited for traversing rough terrain like the desert wastes of Tatooine.

"Ever since the XP-38 came out, they just aren't in demand."―Luke Skywalker upon selling his landspeeder

The Rebel alliance target these speeders for covert operations and hit and run tactics against the Empire. Making use of the Repulserlift engines ability to " Overchage" itself within a certain threshold the Rebels typically mounted some form of blaster on front of the speeder with power coils hardwired into the engine itself. Throw a couple passengers with rifles and heavy artillery and you have yourself a Tank Busting Rebel Party Speeder!

Step 1

I decided to take a lazy way out of base coating this model. In the past I have struggled getting an even base color to work with that creates a smooth finish looked to vehicles. Whether it is tanks, speeders or even walkers/mechs, I just cant seem to create a clean look by panting with a brush. If you are lazy like me just pick up a can of whatever color you want the base color of your speeder to be. In my case it was a dark brown/red spray. Make sure you get a matt finish!

Step 2

I just cant leave a model's base stock. If you have been following my modeling articles then you know I like to give my bases some flavor and this beauty is no exception. I decided to model up a sand dune with some air dry clay . You can buy this awesome stuff at your local Michael's store or any craft store for that matter.. I pretty much use it for everything I create for my boards. Give it some shape and add glue, some sand flock and then spray or paint it a sandy desert color and your done.

NOTE: I added some rocks to break up the color as you'll see in later pics.

Step 3

From this point it is pretty much up to your own painting skills and color preferences. I will outline some tips and techniques I used below.

- Engine components where painted "Black" and then dry brushed with " Chain mail"

- I dry brushed/feathered the edges of the speeders body with " Chain mail" to give it the look of the paint wearing away from the body and revealing the metal under body.

-I chose color that would contrast with the speeders body for the rebel pilots and soldiers just to make them stand out. The Rodian and Twi'lek do a great job with their green and blue skin colors.

-Try painting as much of the passengers as possible before gluing them onto the speeder.


- Save your plastic windshield until the very end to attach. Unless you want to be brave and give it a weathered look like I have seen some pics online. Your braver than I am if you decide to .

DO NOT let anyone give you flack for raising the base of the speeder. It can fly one meter off the ground for pete's sake and it has SPEEDER 1 in its profile.

Thanks for tuning in to another Bothan Report and get ready for more Legion content as we head into the summer!