I have spent the bulk of my 2019 video gaming hobby slogging through massive open world games like Assassins Creed, The Division, Ghost Recon etc.

Mid year I decided to pick up Anthem and not to long after that I had a crack ( see what I did there) at Crackdown 3.

While both games share a common game play loop so much as both involve shooting and collecting loot ( Crackdown 3's loot takes the form of glowing ability orbs that increase your agents strength), they are not exactly direct competitors in the same game space. Anthem is RPG focused and designed to keep players coming back for years of additional content ala "Live Service" whereas Crackdown 3 has a definite story arc that needs to be completed to finish the game.

While playing them however you will definitely get a similar vibe from both games and the sheer vertical space of both Anthem and Crackdown 3 give you a sense of playing in a massive open world unlike any other.

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