I remember when Venom was introduced into Marvel comics back in the 80's. While a cool new villain for Spider-Man he wasn't quite the breakout phenomenon that he is today. His arc was mainly born out of the continuation of the " Black Spidey suit" from the Secret Wars mini series a year before. This was the series that introduced readers to the Symbiote that bonded with Peter Parker and started the story of his black suit.That plot concluded with the suit leaving Spider man after he found out from Reed Richards that it was feeding off of his life force much like a vampire does to survive. Spider man discovered the Symbiote's weakness to sonic attacks and as a result an encounter with a church bell forced it to leave Spider man and latch onto an angry Eddie Brock who was in the same church at the time seeking solace.

Hence was born Venom! Who could have thought that he would still be a AAA Spider man villain to this day nearly 3 decades later and have a live action movie to boot!

Lets take a look at how the character of venom has been translated to the new game Marvel Crisis Protocol.

The Model

First up we need to talk about how big this figure is. He is a solo expansion which means he doesn't come bundled with a "partner figure". So he joins Hulk and Modok in Atomic Mass's game

EDITORS NOTE: I have never been a fan of the characters creepy tongue. It was added later in the characters life and was never a part of the Todd McFarlane run on the comic and I am not sure why it was thought that it would add to the look of the character; it doesn't.

One of the nice things about Venom being a " large figure" expansion is that you know it is going to be an easier model to assemble , at least if Hulk is anything to go by.

While I say easy to assemble , I don't mean easy to paint as Hulk proved to be a little tricky to get the right balance between just slathering him in green paint and highlighting his shredded physique and little nuances in the sculpt like toe nails, teeth and rips in his iconic purple pants. I suspect however that when Venom hits my painting table Ill be slathering on the black quite liberally.

" I am going to test it out without his tongue"

What you get

Much like Asmodee's other product line; Star Wars Legion you get a good supply of custom tokens with your Venom expansion

Lets have a look at the main event; Venom's character Card.

Starting in his undamaged state Venom has one major zero cost power and that is his Symbiote Tendrils. With a 5 damage and range of 3 he should be able to build up energy rather quickly considering it translates damage dealt into it.

"We Are Venom" Is a great way to mitigate incoming damage while dealing a whooping 7 points yourself!

Use WEB SNARE to suck your opponent within striking distance as your two physical attacks can only hit range 3. Bank 5 energy to combo this with "WE ARE VENOM" for a massive attack/heal!

SO MANY SNACKS is a great retaliatory attack for 2 energy that allows Venom to attack his attacker as long as they are within 3 range .

Injured Venom still packs an offensive punch with his core attacks and ability's however has 1 less health on the backside of his fight.

Stacking the odds in his favor

Lets have a look at the two Team Tactic Cards that are included in this expansion.

Both cards carry on the theme of using Venom's ability use his Symbiote to manipulate the range issue in combat and in LETHAL PROTECTORS case he can play the role as an " anti hero" and intercept attacks against his teammates.

I hope that you enjoyed this tour of the Venom expansion for Marvel Crisis Protocol. This series is designed for new players to the game and maybe a little for the established vets who play. I make no claim that this information is not available anywhere else but hope that my format and take on the expansion can help players with their choices when expanding their collection with this incredibly fun game.

Till next time!