Okay I am gonna say it now; I miss playing classic JRPG's. The problem I have faced in recent years is trying to find a franchise that hasn't passed me by and by that I mean a game that hasn't spawned numerous sequels and past iterations of the game. A new franchise that I can jump on and sink my teeth into like the good ol days with my SNES and Genesis.

Games that have temped me like Destiny ( I know its not a RPG per se but it has a strong narrative) inevitably dropped off my radar because of the intensive amount of catching up I have to do in order to feel up to date on the narrative.

The other element in modern day RPG's is the fact that they have become insanely convoluted with their game play systems. Crafting, upgrading and loot elements are so complex nowadays that you need a university degree in order to play them ( I'm looking at you Division! ). Even the Final Fantasy series has fallen into that wormhole where once it was a simple game of choosing to attack or defend with the various characters in your party during combat but now is a mess of tactical options and combo moves that makes my eyes bleed from options!

I guess what I am saying is I want more of this...

and less this...

If you are like me and crave a good ol JRPG to pass the time in a once in a lifetime pandemic, then check out the trailer for Cris Tales releasing on all platforms this summer. It has a FREE demo on most digital stores as we speak and promises a game filled with a large cast of colorful and over the top characters mixed with a art style that makes you think your playing a new cartoon series on Netflix instead of a new 2021 video game.