Division 2 Chronicles: Conflict Tips

One of the things I was looking forward to in The Division 2 was a dedicated PVP mode along the lines of the first games PVP updates that they rolled out near the end of the first year. I long thought that it's cover based shooting mechanics combined with the Clancy vibe would turn it into a dream of a competitive shooter. My dreams were soon dashed when I got to grips with the first games PVP .

Balancing an RPG shooter with the black and white mandated balancing of a competitive shooter is a VERY difficult task. Just ask Bungie ( I still don't know if Crucible is balanced with all the various weapons and gear and abilities etc..)

Luckily this time around Massive Entertainment has done their homework and made PVP something that is actually fun and challenging and not just a random roll of dice when it comes to your characters gear score and how it affects other players.

Using a system called " Normalization" the developers have essentially stripped our all the unique aspects of your weapons damage capabilities and instead given them a flat number across the range of guns in the game. The nuances come in the form of weapon abilities and perks that make each weapon different NOT pure damage dealing numbers.

This is not to say that having higher level guns wont benefit you but simply that each player now has to rely on other tools in his arsenal besides just dealing damage. I have found that Conflict is a very deep experience and no two games play the same. With the amount of skills and tactics within each load out the game mode is just starting to gain traction and I hope that Massive continues to put some focus on it as an important part of the game in the year(s) to come.