Division 2: Walk don't Run in Washington

Ever since the first Division I adopted a personal policy to stop running around the game world . This included in all the safe houses , and Base of operation areas .Taking it a step further I also stopped running to my mission destinations and reserved running for frantic gun rights .

You are probably thinking " what the hell is wrong with this guy?" but the truth is that I am a big fan of immersion in video games . Beautiful fully realized video games like The Division series and Assassin's Creed deserve to be experienced and not rushed through before the game textures can even load. The amount of detail that Massive Entertainment has crammed into the setting of Washington DC is phenomenal and part of the sheer fun playing the Division is feeling like you are walking in the shoes of a Division agent trying to restore civility in a post pandemic capital.

Looking around the game world and even taking time to listen to an AI character on the street all adds a new level of immersion to the game that you simply don't get when you are laser focused on grinding out a mission or trying to hit the level cap in one week.

Try these steps the next time you boot up the Division 2

  • Walk around your base of operations at least once before heading out in your next mission.

  • Activate at least one emote in your play session .

  • Activate a single mission or objective ( control point , contamination point etc. ) And then walk to the location ( no sprint but a casual jog

  • When you start the mission walk through the non combat encounters and take your time exploring the environment.

For those of you who are always in a hurry to grind out loot and levels this probably won't be your thing but of you are wanting to engage with The Division 2's role playing aspects this will be a great way to sink your teeth into the game world and maybe give you a new perspective on playing the game.

Oh and don't forget to mention my name when you stop by the Theater next time; Odessa said she owes me one ;)