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DnD Academy: Character of the Week ep.1

Welcome to the first in a series of ongoing articles showcasing a new character build for your DnD 5th Edition campaign. Our character of the week is built using the DnD Beyond tools and is a perfect way for you to add a new personality into your games or even use as a player character.

This week we introduce you to "Alora Rivenhawk" a female Elven Ranger with a tragic backstory and a desire to see her family's death avenged. Alora is a well rounded Build and starts her progression at level one, however you can boost her up t o meet the needs of your campaign adding some years of experience to her and her backstory.

Click on the link below to download her character sheet and start her journey in your own campaign. Be sure to leave a comment to let us know how she is doing or if you have any suggestions on her build.

Alora Rivenhawk sheet
Download PDF • 625KB

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