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Funko Zone: Batman Character Overview

Welcome to our first article of Funko Zone where we dedicate the conversation to a little known game that is not only amazingly fun but cute as well! Okay well cute isnt something that I normally view as a pre requisite of games that I play but who cant get affected by Funko Pops?

In today's article we will be talking about Batman from the DC Funkoverse set that also includes Batgirl, Harley Quin and The Joker.

3 Grappling Swing

Choose a Rival within 3 squares that Batman can see and place Batman adjacent to them. Do a challenge 2 to them.

  • A great ability to use when capturing objectives. Score on a point then use this ability to zip over to an enemy and attack all in one turn!

2 POW!

Challenge 3

  • Save this ability for when you know you can do a follow up action " The Ole one /two punch" to knock out a rival in one turn

1 Relentless

Batman can do this while knocked down.Stand Batman Up.

  • Always keep a Red ability token in your pool for this ability as it could mean the difference between winning or losing the game!

The Batarang is a must have in any Batman team build. It is not so much impressive as an attack on its own but when your opponent decides to start crowding an objective space you can deal a second attack to his/her other character for a two for one attack. It has a very small Cool down so its going to be usable again if your opponent didn't learn their lesson the first time.

Batman pays a visit to Blanche and Sophia at thier " Golden Girls" home in Miami.

Keep checking back as we dive into this amazing fun and deep game as well as some match reports in the near future.!

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