Galaxy of adventures brings a new look at the original trilogy

One of the great things about being a dad in 2018 is that you are surrounded by Star Wars. As a kid growing up I only had the toy line to cultivate my imagination beyond the movies and a decent cartoon ( Droids). Now of course there were comics but living in the 80's there wasn't much in the way of licencing support for different media like there is now.

Not to start a fanboy war but I am definitely in the camp that believes the state of Star Wars Fandom is gut wrenching. Fans are ripping the movies apart and the negativity for new cartoons, movies and TV shows is spreading faster than you can say " The Dark Side".

Having kids lets me take a step back and relinquish ownership of Star Wars and pass it on to my young children. They like me when I was that age are thrilled at anything with the Star Wars name on it . I also have a few daughters so they love the fact that the heroes of the movies and shows include strong women and heroic female characters.

On the cartoon front I am thrilled that we are getting a consistent flow of content. Between The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and the new " Resistance" cartoon my life is fairly complete.

The icing on the cake is the newly released " Galaxy of Adventures" web series that revisits iconic moments and scenes from the original trilogy with fast paced and kinetic animation loosely anime inspired. Complete with actual audio tracks from the movies they exist to give younger viewers a way to connect with the heroes and get a snapshot of he movie plot lines. I love it and hope you do as well.