Getting back into star wars legion

The new year is almost upon us and what better time to get into my favorite tabletop game; Star Wars Legion. It has been a goal of mine to ramp up the amount of games I am getting in . While I have only played a handful of times I can truthfully say this game is one of the most accessible I have played in a long time. As I get older my capacity to retain complex rules sets in my brain is starting to fade and it is a very good thing indeed that Fantasy Flight has created an epic game with a simple rule set.

I decided to head down to the local game shop and get in my last match of 2018. I captured some pics and had a blast! We played a 500 point game on a 3x3 table. The objective mode we played fit nicely on the table with lots of wiggle room to get our units in good positions. I think in future I will scale back to 450 or 400 points on a 33 table but given the time and space we had I was thrilled that we had as much fun with a smaller size game.

Have a look below for some of the pics and commentary that was captured. By no means a comprehensive Battle Report, it is the last bit of Star Wars Legion content I am going to publish to the site this year. Enjoy!

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