When Apex Legends launched I was very intrigued not only by the strategy used but in it's game play mechanics and lore that were ripped straight out of the Titanfall series ( sans the marquee mechs in the games title). Respawn did what very few publishers have ever done with Apex. They announced and launched a brand new IP on the same day and not only that but did it without anyone knowing about it before hand.

In a modern world where leaks and rumors are common place for the video game industry this was simply an amazing feat.

Apex legends launched with a record breaking influx of players and continues to set the bar for what a new IP can generate for a player base. Respawn have not been lazy and continue to add and tweak the game. With it's latest update they have added a much requested feature ( No we aren't getting Titans yet); Solo que!

Have a look at the latest game play trailer and sound off in the comments on what you love about Apex Legends.