One of the saddest part of our current way of life amidst of the Corona virus Pandemic is the shuttering of pretty much all face to face social interactions or at least " Social" in the traditional sense of being in close proximity of someone without safety precautions from an airborne virus.

As a result of having to learn a new way to interact comes along with the quest of how to enjoy our beloved gaming hobbies that at their core revolved around being social.

Well it just so happens that a game that I have recently dug back out and started to learn and paint is getting the ever popular "Online Treatment".

Godtear by Steamforged Games is releasing a virtual version of it's fantasy battle game this Friday partnering with Tabletopia

The best thing about this is that it is completely FREE! While I am not considering this a replacement to playing Godtear in person ( I have 3 kids I plan on recruiting to be my new gaming buddies mwhahahaha) it does give me a great way to start learning the game in a non competitive way.

Click here to go to Tabletopia Godtear page

Comment below if you plan on trying it out and what your experience is like after it launches.