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Has MAGIC met it's Match?

At this point in the collectable card game industry it is inevitable that any new game will at some point have to be compared the the grand daddy of all CCG's and that is ; Magic the Gathering. I have been following the card game industry on and off for over almost three decades and while my interest in this type of tabletop game has ebbed and flowed my recognition of Magic the Gathering being at the top of the industry hasn't. Whether it is the constant stream of product and marketing that has kept it afloat all these years or whether it truly represents a perfect example of what this type of game should function like, I am not sure. Not a single game that has released save perhaps for Pokemon has managed to go toe to toe with it and capture the imaginations and wallets of gamers around the world.

That opinion may have changed when I saw the announcement that Disney was entering into the TCG/CCG arena. Now I was at first very skeptical and just took it as Disney wanting a peice of that particular gaming pie but the more I thought about it I realized that maybe, just maybe Disney had what it took to step into the arena and actually walk away with some market share.

The first thing I realized is that the assets and lore they have to draw on was pretty much infinite, especially now that Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars. Whether they leverage those properties in this new game remains to be seen but the sheer potential for it happening caused me to pause.

The card artwork is fantastic and while we only have a half dozen examples of what actual card assets will look like I can say that if they continue on with using new and original artwork it will be a sure fire way to capture everyone's attention. Now of course game mechanics and balance as well as long term support is what will really determine if the game thrives beyond it's launch and we will have to wait and see for that fortune to play out.

Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned for more coverage as the game inches closer to launch next year.

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