• Dwayne Morash

Hazard Zone just changed the Game

Here we; another; another Battle Royal game mode from an established franchise arriving late to the party. It is no surprise that Electronic Arts has wanted in on the Battle Royal craze ever since Call of Duty put its foot in the ring with Warzone.

What some may view as a simple cash cow in an effort to siphon millions of dollars out of gamer's pockets may actually be an honest attempt at giving players....no wait that's exactly what it is. Having realized this and embracing the publishers evil plans doesn't mean that the game mode will not be completely and utterly awesome.

Call of Duty's Warzone does have squad play which begs the question " What will Hazard Zone bring to the table to be different?" My answer to that..." Its Battlefield B#$%*#@!

Check the new trailer debuting this new game mode below and sound off in the comments on what you think of this game mode being added to Battlefield 2042

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