I cant avoid my Destiny

The new year is here and with it comes the responsibility of locking down my tabletop gaming agenda for the year. Now of course it is all subject to change and as the year goes on I assume it will be adjusted as new games catch my eye ( I'm looking at you Robotech RPG/MINI GAME)

As of this writing I am however relatively calm as far as how I have stretched my time and interests.

One game that I am actually excited to be revisiting is the 2017 released Destiny card/dice game from Fantasy Flight Games. I jumped on it at release but quickly found the challenge of keeping up with all the new cards and sets too much to handle. The local scene also outpaced me with players in the community purchasing entire boxes of boosters in attempts to get all the best cards. I was so intimidated by the high level of play that I just simply bowed out.

Having spent some time away from the game has given me a chance to re frame how I approach a TCG at my age. I no longer feel obligated to be a collector of all the best cards nor do I feel I have to play competitively. A TCG is now delegated to a casual and quick gaming experience to kill some time and have fun.

To that end I have picked it up and also found a new partner to enjoy the game with. He also has looked at the hobby the same way and we will be creating some neat gaming content for both our websites in the near future.

I am going to kick the new year off with a simple Deck List article that showcases my initial deck design and some thoughts that I had going into it. Cards are listed below with images.

Don't flame me for my deck building skills or list logic. If you have some opinions or suggestions leave them in the comments below and make sure you follow us for more Destiny content soon.