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Tired shooting bad guys? Are you so over building walls to defend against random snipers from across the map? Looking for a new prospective E sport? Well maybe its time to pay a visit to Radio City and play a game of...Dodge ball?

That's right Electronic Arts has actually produced a game around throwing balls not bullets at your opponent in a sharp as nails arena battle game!

Knockout City is a game unlike any other and I mean that because there is currently NO dodge ball game on the game market. In actual fact I don't think there has been a dodge ball game created since this guy back in the 80's.Nintendo's " Super Dodge ball" back in the 80's.

On paper this game this game shouldn't get anyone excited but when you get to grips with the controls and the game mechanics it becomes apparent that a lot of thought was put into how the game plays and the precise way that yo navigate this ultra serious/not serious sport.

The game divides players into two teams and throws them into various maps that reside in a futuristic cit complete with a funky radio announcer. The maps are dynamic in as much that there are obstacles and dangers that are all a part of the game. In one map you are playing your game in the middle of a highway with taxis, trucks and all manner of dangers whizzing by yo while your trying to eliminate your opponent. Sometimes you are playing high above the street and one wrong jump sends you falling to your doom.

The developers didn't get lazy when it came to the mechanics of the game and like the maps pushed into the futuristic setting to create some very interesting takes on the Dodge ball game.

Balls in this game come in different variety ranging from traditional ones that have a fancy futuristic paint job to over the top balls like exploding time bombs and even balls that lock the player in a steal cage when it hits them.Don't get me started the Ultra cool " Sniper Ball"

The games graphics sport a "Nickelodeon Cartoon" aesthetic and provides the players a wealth of customization options for their in game avatar to make he or she stand out on the streets as they build up a reputation as the best dodge ball player. Teams can even assemble a " Crew" to play in groups with a dedicated page to customize your name/ entry vehicle ( all teams arrive to each map in a fancy flying car right out of the movie Back to the Future" )

The game controls like a dream with your arsenal comprised of 5 simple moves. A) Throw your ball B) Tackle your opponent C)Dodge with a twirl D) Somersault/Flip in mid air and lastly E) Jump, and if your high enough up you can deploy a glider and extend your distance while you become a perfect target in the process.

It is the tight controls that made my playtime enjoyable and addicting. While simple they do extend beyond the simplicity and allow for players to rise to the top of the dodge ball ranks by mastering the movement mechanics and combining them with pro level tactics. Not to get ahead of myself but if the game manages to sustain a decent player population in the coming months I can see this title getting a community driven E sport treatment.

Knock out city is currently not Free to Play and in my opinion that was a big mistake by the development team however the point of entry is very low ( $19.99). It is a complete package and cosmetics and can be earned by just p laying the game. It is also cross play with all of the various platforms currently available so no one gets left behind.

At first glance this game may look like a solid pass but within a few minutes playing the game you will thank yourself for giving it a shot and hey ... "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."

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