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One of the curses I carry with me in life is the inability to simply accept things the way they are. From a young age I have always attempted to subvert the status quo as far as my hobbies and interests. To put my own stamp on it or change it so it " works" for me. As you can guess being a passionate table top gamer this has given me a ton of working subjects to pry open and mess around with. Now to clarify. I do not take enjoyment in rewriting rules or changing how games fundamentally play or work ( That's too much work, I would rather make my own game to suit my needs).

When I opened up my box of Marvel Champions I saw an opportunity to streamline the game play for new players like myself and to add some visual flair to boot.

As a long running CCG/TCG collector and player the one thing that burdens me is the fact that I am always struggling with keeping my play area neat and tidy. As games started getting more complex so did the play space you needed to allocate to them ( Don't get me started on Deciphers Star Wars CCG from the 90's). With Marvel Champions I set to work almost immediately on creating play mats that where more than a place to put your cards so they didn't get scratched. I wanted a place mat that honored the comics that these characters came from and also serve as a beginner step to laying out your play area.

I created these in a 11x14 size so that they could be printed out at a local copy shop in full color and not overtake the table you are playing on. I also understood that each player had a different mix of card types in his/her deck and that my space allocations may not work but after many many play tests I have found that these mats do indeed work and if you start to overflow the time honored tradition of " stacking" will take care of the issue.

I create this myself and will be updating my library to fill the ever expanding roster of character in the game but I hope you enjoy this first batch.

NOTE. I am currently reworking the Villain place mat and will be uploading that shortly in a different article. You can download the first batch below and if you have any questions about how to use them or simply have requests or feedback I would love to see a comment below.


marvel champions sheets
Download ZIP • 451.32MB

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