Making your Games of Star Wars Legion Easier

One of the things that I love to do when it comes to table top war games is to look for ways to make the games easier to play and learn. While many games come with a good supply of player aids and or tools to play with ( tokens, range rulers etc) I do find that the biggest challenge with any of these games often comes down to the teaching step.

When you have to take what you know about the game and pass it on to another player things can go sideways real quick. Taking established systems that the games creator have intended to make the game easier sometimes fall short depending on the skill level.

My latest project is a game aid that takes all of the unit cards in your Star Wars Legion army list and combines it into a single printable PDF that measures 8.5" X 11" ( double sided) for easy convenience. The idea is that rather than flipping through individual unit cards ( Kudos for the fact that FFG includes them considering even high profile legacy games still haven't clued in to the benefit of them yet) you can instead refer to y our master army sheet.

This concept is not new and pretty much all players create these for their respective games but I decided o add some visual flair to mine as a way to cut down on the " wall of text" that most sheets end up becoming.

Now of course the other argument is that in a world of smartphones and tablets why on earth would I print off a physical sheet of paper to use in a game?

I wont tackle that argument here but simply say " here you are". I am still fine tuning the finalized graphics and elements. Once the template is finished I can swap in different units fairly quickly as I create different lists.

When I complete the final version I will upload it to our forums for a final look but for now have a look at what the final product will look like.