Marvel Champions is a game that has impressed me from the minute I opened it. The core game mechanics are simply brilliant and combined with the fact that it is a cooperative and solo game versus your typical head to head style card game makes it all that more amazing. The biggest thrill I have playing it is how well it channels the feeling of stepping into the shoes of a given hero to battle the various villains in the game. Each hero expansion is finely tuned to give you a range of options that the character would have in the comics.

The artwork is a mixed bag but there is no denying the use of colors and iconic imagery to make you feel like your in a living comic book.

My latest game is a solo match between Captain America and Rhino. Rhino is considered an entry level villain but I haven't played him in a long time so I thought I would give him a go with Cap and see if I was still able to polish him off solo.

Lets dive in and have a look at what I came to the table with and what I was up against.

Rhino isn't too bad as a entry villain but you still have to be wary of his scheme getting away from you. Stay on your toes and you should be fine.

Be aware of side schemes like this one!

Also keep in mind that Rhino hs a small ist of Minions that can sneak out of the villain deck and make your life miserable.

Captain America and his alter Ego Steve Rogers make a fearsome combo.

I couldn't run a list without these allies backing Steve up! The main focus of this deck list was my Allies.

Check out the full game play below!