Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I can never leave a newly published game alone when it comes to iterating and improving on the way in which new players learn the game. My background in marketing and my skills as a graphic designer usually overtake me and I end up finding ways to improve the experience in some way whether that be custom " how to play" sheets, range rulers or even custom game aids.

The latest game to get my creative juices flowing is none other than Fantasy Flight Games, Marvel Champions. Champions is a "Living Card Game" that gives players the experience of stepping into the shoes of famous comic book heroes set in the Marvel Universe and working cooperatively with friends to defeat a Villain controlled by the games meticulously well designed "AI".

In typical FFG fashion the game has launched with a variety of optional purchases which at the moment is comprised primarily of neoprene game mats that let you keep your play space organized during moment to moment game play. These mats are your typical fare for card games with a marvel flair. Choose from your favorite hero included in the core set or a larger mat that affords you some room to have all players use one mat to sling their cards on.

The one glaring omission in these mats was a lack of any allocated " slots" for players to organize the play space instead opting to give players an empty mat to organize where they want. While this is certainly a perfect option for experienced players I found that new players to card games like this like to have a more structured lay out in front of them to organize their cards during game play.

I went ahead and created 11 X 17 game mats that can be printed on card-stock at your local printer or standard sheets and then laminated. The mats incorporate the comic book flair that the game tries to capture with its art and at the same time specifically lays out where the various cards and decks get placed during a game. The idea of these mats are that the Villain mat sits at the head of the table while the players each bring their own mat to use in front of them.

I have included mats with the imagery of the games core set and will update and release new mats for the various expansions as the game grows ( time and motivation pending).

In the meantime enjoy these mats and feel free to download them HERE.

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