I'm not going to lie, Captain America is my favorite Marvel Superhero! I have been following his exploits since the early 80's and while I have not been following as closely in my adult years I can honestly say that my opinion has not changed. Something about the story of a little guy becoming a powerful hero with a "can do attitude" and a unwavering sense of right and wrong.

I was very sad to not have a chance to use him as a hero in the Marvel Champions core set but relieved (albeit at the expense of my wallet) when he was announced as the first in many Hero Expansions for the game.

As with all Heroes in the game knowing when to use your Alter Ego and when to suit up is a key strategy in the game and thankfully Captain America has two very good variants.

That extra reduction in power cost for getting allies on the table is very handy when back up arrives, and of course starting the game with your trusty shield was a given. Just make sure you remember to mulligan it when you draw it cause Cap will go looking in the trash for that thing!

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NOTE: The Captain America game mat seen in this this video can be downloaded HERE