Not being a follower of the Ms.Marvel comic book I had some research to do before writing this overview. I must admit to watching the Marvel Avengers Secret Warriors cartoon series on Disney+ recently and that provided me with some context for her character.

The one thing I love about Marvel Champions is how well it channels the comic book feel to the tabletop. Whether that be through the art of the game's mechanics, it just feels oh so cool to play this game, even more so with a friend.

If you are not a Ms.Marvel fan I highly recommend you watch the aforementioned cartoon if you can get access to it as it will hopefully make your games a little more entertaining as you imagine her bumbling her way through the villain schemes and plots.

Kamala has a whopping 5 recover in her Alter Ego mode and while your chillin at school you can go through your deck and look for Ms.Marvel cards to get ready for your after school life of fighting crime!

As Ms.Marvel you will be able to " recycle" your cards for future use which is a great ability since some of her THW cards are very powerful!

Ms.Marvel has the most bizarre nemesis deck I have seen so far and I wont get into details on how this Villain came to be Ill just say this...Uh...yeah...well here he is.

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